Foreign Market Planning and Sales Support

We support our business partners on market intelligence research to distribute their products to the right channels in the global market. We provide intelligence on legal regulations, information-document management processes of target markets after short – medium – long term planning.

While your products reach the right markets, we provide local support with our local business partners in that region and build up a unique international supply chain model.


We determine your target markets through demographic, financial and competitor brands data based on real experiences. We prepare your company's roadmap in international markets specifically for each of the Short - Medium - Long terms.


We organize logistics planning, custom operations for our business partners to reach the right product at the right time, to the right place, at the lowest cost. We report all the processes of payment and delivery conditions in the most reliable and transparent way.


We assist and support our partners with customer sales data and regional agencies in all processes of foreign trade for creating a power dealer network on global market. We do the determination of target market distribution networks and analysis of potential competitors.